Blogs that I follow (aka Thing 4)


Thing 4 makes me think of a Dr Seuss character!  I’m hoping that these things are as much fun as the friends in the Cat in the Hat, but that they cause slightly less chaos in my life 🙂

I’ve already mentioned that I follow the blog Patter.  I am also a fan of the Thesis Whisperer:

I’ve been following this blog since I started my M.Ed (so a number of years now).  Not only does it contain a wealth of practical advice on the student researcher life and process, it’s also entertaining. I have been known to laugh out loud at times when reading it – so perhaps it’s not entirely suitable for a serious and silent workplace!

As a further recommendation, I really like the way the author, Inger Mewburn, writes.  She has a relaxed-without-being-too-informal style that I enjoy reading.  If you haven’t already discovered this particular blog, then check it out.  Meanwhile, I am going to check out some of the others recommended in Thing 4.  At the very least I expect them to provide me with some further tools for procrastination.


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