Professional social networks.


I already have an account with both LinkedIn and but I’m not sure what their value is to me at the moment.

I joined LinkedIn mainly to keep my daughter happy (she works in Recruiting and uses LinkedIn every day as part of her work).  So far I’ve enjoyed setting up my profile and making connections with people I already know, but otherwise I’m maintaining an attitude of wait and see about it.  I’ve worked through the suggestions about the 5 things you probably aren’t doing with your LinkedIn account (I wasn’t doing any of them) and I’m trying to make the suggested changes.  I still have to think of some wickedly catchy headline!

I agree with the John Naughton article that LinkedIn is mainly associated in my mind with finding a job.  I’m not in that position at the moment, and I haven’t really thought before about how i could use it to increase my profile as a researcher, or develop a professional network around discussion of ideas.  So in light of the readings for this week I’ve joined a couple of groups from the list of suggestions, and I’ll try and make the effort to join the online discussions to become a participating member of the groups I belong to, rather than just a silent watcher.

As for – I joined that in order to get access to an academic paper I wanted to read.  I currently have no idea how to use that particular site, and so my account just sits there.  I think it might be staying dormant for the foreseeable future.

I’m interested to hear how others use/view these sites. As I said at the beginning of this course, I’ve never really ‘done’ social media, so perhaps I don’t appreciate the possibilities.  I think the best way to really learn about them would be to hear other people’s stories.


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