When is it right to write?


I’m always interested in advice about writing. Although the more time I spend reading this advice, the less time I seem to have to actually do any writing of my own. Weird or what?



When is it right to write?

This is a common source of anxiety amongst PhD researchers, not helped by the competitive nature of many writing challenges set on twitter. Whilst they can help some, they cause angst to many others. So should you write from the start of a PhD?

I am now 8 months in… and feel in a good place where I have found my feet. If you haven’t yet come across the excellent blog by Professor Pat Thompson, then Writing From Day One is Risky is recommended. The blog Three Month Thesis Why Writing From Day One is Nuts also caused me great relief.

The authors aren’t saying don’t write anything, they are saying don’t expect to write your thesis from day one. How could you? I am always shocked when people claim to have written 30,000 words in a week or have written 3 chapters in…

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