Careful curating.


Since joining this course I have started to think more deeply about my identity as a researcher, and about how I want to communicate that identity to others.  It seems that building an online identity is something that can be done in haste, only to be repented of at leisure.

In particular, there’s Twitter.  I had never had anything to do with twitter before now.  To be honest, I could not see the point of it.  However, since signing up, I’ve discovered a whole new world of information, both good and bad.  But more excitingly I’ve discovered a whole new world of possible contacts and networks to join. For instance, today I signed up for an online Shut Up and Write group hosted by an academic in Brisbane, for academic writers who wanted some encouragement to focus, and some support from others.  This is well beyond anything I had expected to find on Twitter, which I had previously suspected was exclusively populated by celebrity watchers and trolls!!

But this whole new world raises two (at least) things to consider.  The first is the issue of identity.  How do I want to present myself; who do I want these other people to see?  In the 23 Things blog, Thinking about Ideas, Suzanne talks about story – the things we include and the things we omit.  I realise she’s not really talking about our personal stories, but I think what she says can be extended to that.  For example: a couple of years ago I organised a meeting for Faculty of Ed postgrads, with a well-known guest speaker.  We had such a high turnout, and so many responses from people who couldn’t make it but wanted to see it, that we asked permission to film the presentation and put it on the closed PGSA Facebook page.  Permission was duly granted (and of course we had to get consent from everyone who attended just in case the back of their head featured in the film, but that’s a whole other story).  However, we were then asked NOT to put the film up online, because it didn’t fit with the online presence the speaker was developing.  That was my first encounter with this issue.

The second thing to consider is this question of curating content.  Because I have spent a lot of time lately drowning in content, seeing things that interest me and then not being able to find them again.  So I’m really keen to try out some of the tools recommended in thing 10.  However, I’m going to have to wait.  Time is short and deadlines are pressing!

In the meantime, I’m a bit unsure about how to create a link to another blog, so I’m going to reblog it in full.


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