It seems I put the wrong information with the image I chose for Thing 15.  Turns out it was not protected by the licence I described but is in fact under Public Domain.  So there’s another Thing I’ve learned this week 🙂


How can you treat your PhD like a project?


From the always helpful thesis whisperer comes this gem of advice. I hope I’m approaching the “painting by numbers” category 🙂

The Thesis Whisperer

Fiona Saunders is a Senior Lecturer in the Management of Engineering Projects at The University of Manchester and a part-time PhD student. Her research interests are in the management of projects in safety-critical industries. Prior to academia, Fiona enjoyed a successful 15 year industry career in project management. Fiona blogs at where the original version of the post was published, along with a follow up post.

Long before I threw caution to the wind and (as a mum with 2 small children) began my part-time PhD my Professor (@AndrewWGale) gave me a very wise piece of advice Don’t be afraid of a PhD, it’s really just a project”. Now that I am entering the 3rd year of my part-time PhD I want to reflect on the similarities between a PhD and a project and offer some tips on how to use the tools and techniques of project…

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Thing 12


Oh the agony of making decisions!  It took me ages to decide what to put on slide share!  One of the issues with publishing my current doctoral research in a public forum is that I’m at the analysis/writing stage and my thinking keeps evolving so rapidly that I don’t want to commit to sharing it with anyone in case I live to regret it.  So I’ve uploaded an edited version of a presentation I gave based on my M.Ed research into the ways early childhood teachers might seek to foster children’s spirituality in their practice.  The link is: